Visual testing saves time and cost if performed correctly before other NDT methods and by experts.

It can be applied by naked eye or optical aids such as a magnifying glass or a microscope.

DQE provides all measuring equipment, such as weld, hi-lo, pitting gauges, micrometers, etc. for surface profiling and dimensional controlling. The inspection is carried out via videoscope/boroscope where out of reach by naked eye.

In-Service Visual Inspection

The basis of due diligence examinations performed during the service should be based on a well-applied visual examination. This inspection includes fatigue cracks, corrosion, erosion, wear, deformation, mechanical damage, wear etc. and it is applied for pre-determination of problems. It takes experience and good training to be able to distinguish different damage mechanisms from each other. Qualified inspectors can provide important information and data. This information can be used to determine other tests that need to be done for detailed analysis or preventive actions to be taken.


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