We provide industrial inspection services in accordance with international standards and legal regulations with our differentiation policy, total quality understanding, human and environment-oriented working principle, our principle of independence and impartiality, and our expert staff, whose professional development is constantly supported by our institution with up-to-date training.

Thus, and thanks to our customers' cooperation and rewarding us, we have increased our competitive power by showing great development and change in our business. We have opened all doors by combining professionalism with goodwill at every point we have reached. All successful projects carried out and delivered on time have taken our customer potential beyond our expectations.

All this rapid development has made Dizayn Kalite the preferred brand in its sector.

On the basis of our founding purpose,

  1. To support international technical harmonization studies,
  2. Supporting our customers in developing methods that will increase their safety, productivity and profitability,
  3. To provide technology and information support to meet the needs of the society.

The basis of our work;

  1. Expertise,
  2. Use of the latest technologies,
  3. Enterprise-specific solutions,
  4. Honesty,
  5. Discipline,
  6. Impartiality and Independence,
  7. Customer Happiness,
  8. Innovation,
  9. Continuous Improvement,
  10. Creates Social Responsibility.

As Dizayn Kalite, we always prioritize occupational health and safety while continuing our activities.

In addition to all these, Dizayn Kalite is a corporate member of GREENPEACE and TEMA Foundation.

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