It has an important role in the detection of surface flaws, thanks to its applicability on almost all materials, quick finalization and economical solution.


Penetrant liquid, which has penetrated into the open discontinuities of the examination surface by capillary action, is drawn back to the surface by the developer solution to obtain discontinuity symptoms. Liquid Penetrant Testing can be applied in all metallic or non-metallic materials to detect errors, surface cracks, pores, cavities etc.


DQE's expert staff have internationally recognized certificates and their field experience is at the highest level.

We only use solutions from global leading brands, complete product performance experiments definitively and control the operating environment with calibrated equipments that is why we are always one step ahead on reliability accurate inspection results.




  • Easily Portable & Low cost NDT Method.
  • High sensitivity to spot fine and adjacent discontinuities.
  • Fast method & Quick Result.
  • Can be applied to a variety of material and parts with complex geometry.
  • All surface discontinuities can be determined by a single process regardless of direction.


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