Radiographic Testing (RT) has a critical role in detecting volumetric defects in materials and welding seams. With Iridium-192, Selenium-75 and X-ray tubes, DQE is able to determine the volumetric defects of materials, welding seams, casting parts and composites of different densities and to detect corrosive conditions of equipments in service.


All our RT personnel are certified for Radiation Protection and trained for emergency situations. A calibrated personal dosimeter is provided for each staff member and a Radiacmeter is provided for each team. Periodical controls and maintenance of equipments are carried out on a regular basis. This way, we ensure that our customers are fully aware that we are working in compliance with OHS regulations in their field applications.

Our Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) with extensive field experience are involved in risk assessment processes for all RT orders. Expert project managers are assigned as special contact points for each project and to contribute to OHS management. This way we guarantee our customers a special representation service with the frame of problem solving and commitment.



Ø  Does not require surface preparation in general sense.

Ø  Can be applied to sanded, painted and coated materials.

Ø  Makes possible the examination of parts with complex geometry.

Ø  Can be applied to almost all material types and thicknesses.

Ø  Does not require calibration prior to field testing.

Examination results are permanently recorded with X-ray films.


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