Superficial and near surface cracks are dangerous enough to cause loss of lives, equipment and production over time. These cracks are often too capillary to be seen with the eye. It is possible to detect very quickly the discontinuities such as surface and near surface cracks, cold adhesion, non-metallic residue, cavity, etc. with magnetic particle testing in materials that can be magnetized. 

DQE, is able to perform magnetic particle testing of weld seams, casting and forging parts, rotor, casings, valves, studs, bolts, nuts and parts specific to  defense industry, automotive and aerospace by the help of portable Yoke and AC/DC generators with flexible winding, coil, prod and head-shot. Our experts and certified personnel performs system performance tests with shims, indicators and MTU blocks and continuously check magnetic field and working environment with calibrated equipment. These equipment is provided for each team. These are the reasons that we guarantee high reliability in inspection results. 




Ø  Best method for detecting thin and shallow surface cracks on ferromagnetic materials.

Ø  Low cost & fast NDT Solution.

Ø  Works fine with thin layer of paint.

Ø  No need for cooling to check inter-pass welding seams.


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