With its immediate result feature, Ultrasonic Testing is the most commonly used Non-Destructive examination method in detection of internal discontinuities. Accessibility from only one surface of the material is sufficient for the application.


High frequency sound waves can penetrate into solid materials such as metal, plastic, composite, ceramic and welding seams to detect cracks, cavities, residues and other internal discontinuities. This way, the different thicknesses and the properties of materials can be analyzed.



“DQE” uses only global leader brand equipment and has its annual calibrations done by independent accredited institutions. Thanks to our large probe pool we are able to perform inspection of welding with accurate error characterization in all testable thicknesses and configurations on welding seams, castings, forgings and on rolling parts.




Ø  Accessibility from only one surface of the material is sufficient.

Ø  Best method for detecting serious planary discontinuities and cracks.

Ø  Easily portable and can be used in challenging working conditions.

Ø  High penetration ability.

Ø  Provides immediate result.

Ø  Does not have risks of radiography in terms of OHS and environmental management.



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