Phased Array Tofd Inspection


Phased Array Tofd Inspection


Sound waves are electronically controlled with Phase Array technology. 3D inspection in performed on your applications with A, B, C, D and S images and visual reporting is possible. In addition, Phased Array can obtain maximum resolution along the cross-section by means of Dynamic Depth which is the latest technology to date in ultrasonic inspection.

Advantages of Phased Array
  • Usage of all available scans (A,B, C, D and S) in ultrasonic inspection, enables the evaluation in direction of sound beam and scanning (with the encoder) and 3D evaluation possibility (on B, C-D and S scan)
  • Reducing dependence to the operator in Conventional Ultrasonic Inspection provides the capacity of high and accurate error determination.
  • High speed, single axis scanning
  • Two axis scan (Raster Scan) is also available
  • Easy error sizing and wide reporting feature
  • Very open sound wave can be applied (for ex: all angles from 30 to 70) with a single probe
  • Flexible scan pattern
  • Excellent and accurate scannability
  • Excellent reporting with different scan images (cross sectional and 3D scans)
  • The entire inspection can be stored with processed gain source and it is possible to analyze after reporting; it provides recyclable fix analyze data.
  • Cross sectional determination of errors and discontinuities on welding groove drawings
Special Areas of Application
  • Inspection of pressure vessels
  • T-welding inspection
  • Hollow shaft inspection
  • Corrosion cracks on turbine blades
  • Aircraft landing gear inspection
  • Inspection of parts with complicated geometry
  • Corrosion mapping
  • Flange inspection
  • Shaft and axis inspection
  • Nozzle welding inspection
  • Composite material inspection in aeronautics
  • Solutions specific to power plants
  • Fast and reliable online/offline inspection of welding in oil and natural gas pipelines
Typical Applications

All inspections that can be done by conventional Ultrasonic testing can also be done by Phased Array


Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) Ultrasonic inspection is the technology that performs high precision error sizing and error determination by means of diffraction of the longitudinal sound waves.

Advantages of TOFD
  • Application in high precision and accuracy (highest POD “possible of detection” – possibility of determination)
  • Increase of proofing – highest precision in cracks and similar cases
  • Fast
  • The entire source can be analyzed and recorded in TOFD imaging as a result of scanning
  • Fast reporting / fast and precise decision-making (with the entire data being in front of us and the capacity of the most precise sizing)
  • Recording parameters (we can see 40 cm film result in the same way we see 40 cm source result in TOFD)
  • Examination, analyze and measurement after the scanning (sizing and locating the most precise planar errors such as cracks)
Typical Applications
  • Application in critical areas and service
  • Inspection of pressure systems - pressure tank (vessel), pipeline, piping applications etc.
  • Storage units – Tanks and Spheres
  • Errors due to service and structural errors (fatigue crack, corrosion, erosion etc)
  • Micro cracks based on stress / chemical (SCC LTHA, HAA, SOHIC etc)
  • Corrosion / erosion profile – especially welding root erosion
  • Thick-walled parts
  • Flaking, lamination interface errors (cracks)
  • Fabrication quality control – including ‘in-situ’ structures